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October!  What a great month.  I love the changing of the seasons as well as the community activities that take place.  A couple weeks back the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce had a great community activity it’s annual Heritage Fest.  Though this year was different.  It was an entire weekend!

SONY DSCWe started on Saturday as we celebrated Octoberfest with performances by Schwarze Schafe and the Baverian Brothers.  Two great bands bring the spirit of Octoberfest to us.  And what would Octoberfest be without  plenty of Beer to go around provided by Jack’s Abby Brewing in addition to plenty of lederhosen, and schnitzel.


2015-11-06_0008SONY DSC

Octoberfest is also the best time to raise your stein!  There was a Masskrugstemmen competion.  This is a competition where men and women hold a beer stein out arms length to see who has the most endurance.  The stein is one litter and ways around 5 pounds.  Little by little muscles give way until there was one man or women standing.  I loved it!


For Heritage day on Sunday vendors lined the streets.   My favorite display was a joint venture with the Marlborough Public Library and the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce.  The library is leading a city wide event to get the word out to read.  They were, and still are, giving away copies of the book Hoot by Carl Hiessan.  In conjunction with the book they had owl’s on display at the Festival.  Instructors were teaching and educating the pubic about owls and there relationship with the town of Marlborough.  The audience was captivated by the owl’s presence.


The highlight of the day though was the chili and chowder competition.  There were 7 chowders and 2 chili’s present.  I had the rough job of being a judge for the competition.  There was stiff contention between the chowders but there was one clear winner, Fish Restaurant.  There chose was topped with a small bit of lobster and a small bisquet in the chowder.  It was possibly the best chowder I had ever tasted.


Overall not a bad weekend for the city of Marlborough.

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Kind.  Good-hearted.


These are two of the words that come to mind when I think of Annie.


A few weeks back I meet up with Annie for her Senior Shoot.  The session started at her house where they are begining  to get into the spirit of Fall.



It was a cool evening as the leaves were just beginning to change.  We were blessed with beautiful skies and a slight breeze.  A beautiful fall New England day.


We left the house and headed to Pearl Hill State Park.  The whole family tagged along for this leg of the trip.


untitled-100At the end of the day as we headed back  the super moon came out.  I could not pass up this opportuninty.  These were some of my favorites from the session.


Time with Annie would not be complete without her favorite cat Cooper.


This was an evening well spent with a wonderful young woman and her family.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them and tell Annie’s story.

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Turning Point Images-Eliza Loves Andrew (21 of 26)



Turning Point Images-Eliza Loves Andrew (23 of 26)Turning Point Images-Eliza Loves Andrew (22 of 26) I strive for it with photography.  Eliza’s and Andrew’s wedding was filled to the brim with joy!

Turning Point Images-Eliza Loves Andrew (17 of 26)

2015-09-27_0003Andrew and Eliza’s story began at Grace Baptist Church.  They meet there and over the past year their friendship grew into something more.  Around the church friends familiar with them noticed a change in there lives.  They noticed something different.  It was a joy that showed up when they were with each other.

Turning Point Images-Eliza Loves Andrew (20 of 26)

Turning Point Images-Eliza Loves Andrew (7 of 26)Family and friends permeated the whole place.  Lots of family and friends.  The wedding party had 8 groomsmen and 8 bridesmaids.  The bridesmaids were some of the most enthusiastic I have ever worked with.  But the obvious leader of the pack was Eliza.  She had the beauty and whimsy of a classic bride from days gone by.





This is just the first page the of their story.  A story being written each day by the love they show toward each other.  A story that God brought about and will continue to write.2015-09-27_0004


Turning Point Images-Eliza Loves Andrew (6 of 26)

Words cannot say how thankful I am for being able to be a part of Eliza and Andrew’s weeding.

Caterer:  Stevie’s Eatery

DJ: DJ Bob

Dress:  Special Event Bridal Shoppe

Turning Point Images-Eliza Loves Andrew (19 of 26)


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I really can’s say this post is my own thoughts. It is partly due to my friend’s Justin and Mary who posted a great post earler today.  You can read it here.

Turning Point Images FOMO-389

The article reminded me of FOMO.  FOMO is another acronym in the ever-growing alphabet of acronyms.  FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out.

Before the world of constant comparisons we would look around see where our friends were then simply set reasonable goals attain them and then set more.  With the influx of instagram, facebook, and twitter though we have  a whole word of never ending goals to strive for.  It’s like  when you were a kid and you’r parents would mark your height along the edge of the door each year that you got older.  You maybe had a brother or sister to compare yourself to but that was about it.  It was a simpler time.  But now it’s as though there are a thousand other people lined up along that door and you constantly compare yourself to them.

We have to stop it!

It truly does nobody any good to constantly compare themselves to everyone else.  Everybody’s rode is different.  Everybody’s success is different.  I don’t know if I have ever meet anyone who does not struggle with this.  I struggle with this.  I struggle when I see all my photography friends posting beautiful photos from the wedding they just shot.  I struggle sometimes between commenting “Wow what an amazing shot” or thinking why couldn’t that have been me.  The truth is I am blessed every day to be able to sleep in a bed, eat more than I should, and drive a car that goes from point a to b.  Your probably like me and you are blessed with more than you know.

When today is over be thankful for the things your have done and friends you have seen.  Say a prayer of thankfulness for we have all been blessed more than we know.



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Turning Point Images Mystic CT-5I already wrote about what a great time I had with my mom in Burlington. This part two of a wonderful week all about our day in Mystic, CT.

Turning Point Images Mystic CT-10

Mystic is an old whaling town. Stepped in the history of the whaling trade it is a seaside town with the largest maritime museum in the United States.  This is where we spent the day.

Turning Point Images Mystic CT-39

As you walk the streets you are thrown back two hundred years.  As you meander the town you see demonstrations of blacksmithing, told about historical medical practices as well as learning about school life during the 19th century.

Turning Point Images Mystic CT-51Turning Point Images Mystic CT-54

One of the highlights was going aboard the Charles W. Morgan. It is the last wooden whale ship in the world. While there we learned all about life aboard the ship. The highlight was being there while they had a man overboard drill.

Turning Point Images Mystic CT-67

Another highlight was being able to take a horse drawn buggy ride around the town. Complete with a friendly canine in the front seat.

Turning Point Images Mystic CT-78

True to form we finished off the day with ice cream from Twister’s Ice Cream. As you can see mom enjoyed it and I did as well!Turning Point Images Mystic CT-83

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