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Fear of Missing out

I really can’s say this post is my own thoughts. It is partly due to my friend’s Justin and Mary who posted a great post earler today.  You can read it here.

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The article reminded me of FOMO.  FOMO is another acronym in the ever-growing alphabet of acronyms.  FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out.

Before the world of constant comparisons we would look around see where our friends were then simply set reasonable goals attain them and then set more.  With the influx of instagram, facebook, and twitter though we have  a whole word of never ending goals to strive for.  It’s like  when you were a kid and you’r parents would mark your height along the edge of the door each year that you got older.  You maybe had a brother or sister to compare yourself to but that was about it.  It was a simpler time.  But now it’s as though there are a thousand other people lined up along that door and you constantly compare yourself to them.

We have to stop it!

It truly does nobody any good to constantly compare themselves to everyone else.  Everybody’s rode is different.  Everybody’s success is different.  I don’t know if I have ever meet anyone who does not struggle with this.  I struggle with this.  I struggle when I see all my photography friends posting beautiful photos from the wedding they just shot.  I struggle sometimes between commenting “Wow what an amazing shot” or thinking why couldn’t that have been me.  The truth is I am blessed every day to be able to sleep in a bed, eat more than I should, and drive a car that goes from point a to b.  Your probably like me and you are blessed with more than you know.

When today is over be thankful for the things your have done and friends you have seen.  Say a prayer of thankfulness for we have all been blessed more than we know.



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