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Five things you need to know about Turning Point Images. (I do like lists, they help me get things done. (No this is not no. 1))

1. It is really me, Joe Don “that’s two names in one it’s a Texas thing”. I do have lot of other photographer friends I also employ to get the job done.
2. I love milk shakes. They are one of my biggest vices. If you want to spoil me or bribe me offer me a milk shake. Peanut Butter with chocolate syrup is the best.
3. I exaggerate. I just get so excited about life and love and being around people that I tend to say I love everything. Yes, I definitely overuse the word love.
4. I love story. Story is so important to life. I love telling my story and I also love contributing to others stories. (See I told you I overuse the word love.)
5. The most important thing in my life are relationships. I love being around others. I live to be a part of others lives. To contribute, to be there in the high and low times. To make everyone’s life worth living.


Thanks so much for looking around.
Feel free call me at 860-307-8575 or email

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